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Rails hosting

A few weeks ago I migrated the Labrador Retriever Rescue web site from a shared hosting service at Bluehost to a virtual private server at Linode. My main motivation was to gain an element of control, including managing my Apache configuration, but I was also hoping to gain some performance improvements by getting away from […]

Rails 3 Application Template

For a long time I’ve been disappointed with the “out of the box” look and feel of a new Rails app: no useful stylesheets whatsoever, just plain unformatted text on a white background. I often like to throw together quick apps to prototype a concept, or even create a long-term app that just doesn’t need […]

Welcome to The Last Pixel

I’ve been maintaining a personal web site since May 19, 1993. At that time, I served my “home page” via a CERN HTTPd server I’d set up for my job at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and NCSA’s Mosaic was the only web browser in town. The intent of The Last […]