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This month I completed a major software development and web design milestone: launching a completely re-designed and re-built web site for Labrador Retriever Rescue. I’ve been the webmaster for LRR for around eight years, and this is my fourth major revision for the site, both from a design and software standpoint. This revision took about […]

Automatically activating a form field with JavaScript

I’m a firm believer that software developers should do everything possible to make the end-user experience as simple as possible—in other words, make the software do the hard work so I don’t have to. You probably come across negative examples of this all the time without thinking twice: the web form that requires you to […]

Welcome to The Last Pixel

I’ve been maintaining a personal web site since May 19, 1993. At that time, I served my “home page” via a CERN HTTPd server I’d set up for my job at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and NCSA’s Mosaic was the only web browser in town. The intent of The Last […]