Confluence Ruby API

At work, we use the most excellent Confluence wiki system by Atlassian for all of our shared documentation. We also use it for weekly status reports, which are based on a template that needs some minor changes each week before being created.

Creating these weekly pages for people to fill in used to be a manual process—copying the template to a new wiki document, then editing it to make some pre-defined changes (such as the date)—until I learned about a Ruby gem for the Confluence API. Now a small Ruby program run weekly does the work for me:


require 'rubygems'
require 'confluence4r'

# Some variables specific for my Confluence setup
url = ''
user = 'jamesbond'
password = '007'
wikispace = 'statusreports'
template = 'Status for week ending YYYY-MM-DD'

# Find the date of the next Friday
friday =
friday += 1 while friday.wday != 5

# Log in to Confluence and retrieve the template page
server =
server.login(user, password)
page = server.getPage(space, template)

# Create a new page based on the template, changing the
# date placeholder with this Friday's date
newpage =
newpage['space'] = space
newpage['title'] = template.gsub(/YYYY-MM-DD/, friday.to_s)
newpage['content'] = page['content'].gsub(/YYYY-MM-DD/, friday.to_s)
newpage['parentId'] = page['parentId']

# Save the new page

* Confluence by Atlassian
* confluence4r gem on github
* confluence4r documentation by Atlassian

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